Culti Diamond Selector III

Culti Diamond Selector III
ID : #02007
Name : Culti Diamond Selector III
Details : Culti Diamond selector III can measure the difference of heat conductivity of individual stones and discriminate it through one-touch operation. It is a reliable, superior quality tester for distinguishing diamonds from stimulant stones. It will easily detect the presence of cubic zirconia, synthetic white spinel, rutile, strontium titanate, zircon, white sapphire, G.G.G., Y.A.G., lithium tantalate. No experience needed. It is simple to use, even for beginners. Be certain about stones that you about to buy or ones that you already have. Supplied with two 1.5 V batteries, stone holder and protective cover.
Remark :

Main Features :
• Real Diamonds are indicated by RED LIGHT and SOUND (dual indicators)
• Card size and compact
• High accuracy
• Light weight (64 g / 85x54x14 mm)
• User-friendly
• Metal alert: buzzer tone when contact with metal is made
• Adjustable sensitivity according to size of stone and temperature

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